i’ve just came across this paper…

Use of paradoxical intention in a behavioral program for sleep onset insomnia.

Sleep onset insomnia seems often to be based on performance anxiety associated with a client’s fears of being able to fall asleep; in some cases, a therapeutic program might actually exacerbate this performance anxiety by focusing on the client’s efforts to voluntarily control the sleep onset process.

Five Ss aged 23–41 yrs and experiencing sleep onset difficulty unusually resistant to a conventional behavioral program for this problem (i.e., deep muscle relaxation and systematic desensitization), were exposed to paradoxical intention suggestions requiring that they try to remain awake as long as possible, rather than attempt to fall asleep.

A rapid reduction of sleep onset latency occurred following the shift from the conventional program to the paradoxical intention instructions.

i will be trying this tonight.

(Source: psycnet.apa.org)

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