— Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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— L. Cohen, Hallelujah.

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nicki minaj - anaconda


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i just got the lad from my work’s ball on tinder and got a match 🙊 he’s such a sweetie. he offered to pick me up from work the other week even though he’d already gone home 💗 i feel a bit awkward now even though i’m comfortable around him in person 🙈

mine and nicola’s song 🙊

i am no angel
i like it when you do that stuff to me

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i wish i knew a dealer.

also, i wonder how much weight i can lose in 11 days?

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i feel good this afternoon. dancing around to mysterious girl, thinking i’m going to be dancing on the beach this time in two weeks 😏

i’m getting the biggest urges to do something insane
like it feels right
but i know it’s crazy

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i had a dream there was 3 men in my room. i went on to a pc and messaged snoop dogg. i said “i need to do my homework but there’s 3 men in my room, what shall i do?” and he messaged back but i don’t remember what it said. but then i made wax strips and put it on one of the lad’s bum crack.
i don’t know what this means at all.