Devon Aoki
Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2001

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— from How Music Works, by David Byrne

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a mini collection of my snapchats i found when clearing out my phone

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i need to estivate on a white beach with clear water.
i just conferenced called with the girls about thailand plans, and i am so excited. i might just stay there forever and not come back, because what is there to come back for?

i don’t know what my aesthetic is because i wear big headphones playing gangster rap but i also wear a bird caller around my neck

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girl, understand why.. see it’s burning me to hold onto this. i know this is something i gotta do, that don’t mean i want to. what i’m trying to say is that i love you, i just..

really wanna work this out

hate the thought of her being with someone else

sending pages i ain’t suppose to

i’m twisted

can ya feel me burnin’?

i know some stuff about sex

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me and john are going to lie down and listen to the first four motion city albums together

— Fernando Pessoa

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