i honestly can’t remember the last time anyone said i was beautiful (that wasn’t my mum). i realise i’m ugly over and over again, how is it even possible that i seem to forget sometimes?

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Melancholy Play, Sarah Ruhl

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every living thing pushed into a ring fight it out to wow the crowd. i guess you thought you could just watch.

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today, we remember the 96 liverpool fans who went to a semi-final football game and never came home. my uncle tony was one of the lucky ones who came back, 25 years ago today. we’re still looking for justice from the lies and cover ups that proceeded the tragedy. thinking of the families today ❤️ you’ll never walk alone ❤️

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my cat has just gave up and sighed

— Madeleine L’Engle

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Lana Del Rey at Anfield


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spontaneous arising of a self-replicating entity which brings about life seems highly improbable, bordering on the limit of what we can even imagine. we only imagine a fraction of a spectrum of what’s possible, and judge what’s plausible relative to that.
some people think it was miraculous for that reason. but on the time scale of the universe, and in the space given for it to occur, it’s probable (calculated to be about once in a billion years).
life happened, and evolved without a purpose, bringing about us apes, capable of thinking about such things. nature is real magic, and working out and understanding its tricks is my favourite thing to be involved in. my other favourite thing in life is baby animals ☺️

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